Current Draft List


Tire Patch IPA

This is our “gateway” IPA.  Honey, Mosaic and Citra in the boil along with dry-hop additions of Mosaic, Citra and Simcoe make this quite the crowd pleaser!  Don’t like IPA?  Try it…

5.25% ABV


Coconut Porter

Ever since we first brewed this beer we haven’t been able to keep up with demand.  Difficult to make, but worth every drop!  Smooth, sweet, surpristing, and totally satisfying.

6.2% ABV





Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 9.51.15 AM.png


Trail Chaser

A perfectly easy going American Blonde Ale, this beer was built for the bike trail.  Smooth, clean, crisp, flavorful, and refreshing, this summer sipper is sure to satisfy your thirst for a lighter style of beer. 

5.4% ABV




Number 3

From our new Historical Beer series comes Wm. Younger’s No. 3.  Brewed in collaboration with Mr. Ron Pattinson, this strong Scotch Ale is sure to awaken your senses!  Forget what you think you know about Scottish Ales, this recipe from 1868 is packed with low alpha acid hops to balance out the English Simpson’s Best Pale and Maris Otter malts.  

8% ABV



River Hopper

The River Hopper is a  double dry-hopped Amber Ale.  We threw quite a bit of Mosaic hops at this one.  The tropical notes from the hops balance out the caramel sweetness of the the grain.

5.25% ABV





Dred Lokt Caribbean Stout

Brewed with Cane Sugar and Molasses, this beer has a sweet, dark rum finish.  Although the Dred is loaded with flavor the lingering sweetness is smooth and satisfying.  This version weighs in at 6.7% - a little bit lighter than the last version to balance it out for the summer.




Blackberry Bourbon Brown Ale

Eighty-four pounds of blackberry puree, oak soaked in Kentucky Bourbon.  Sweet, tangy flavor practically distilled into this smooth brown ale.  Full flavor, light body, all smiles.





Belgian Orange

A Belgian Dubbel brewed with orange candi syrup, sweet orange peel, and coriander.  Packed with flavor and a surprising amount of sweetness for a beer that clocks in at 8% ABV!

Experimental Taps - Pilot and small batches

Cream Ale - A small batch of an old standby, this is a crowd favorite for sure!  You may have had a cream ale before, but not like this.  Packed with flavor, this smooth sipper lasts with a soft, lingering sweetness

Vanilla Cream Ale - Light, Crisp, Sweet, Lingering

Orange Vanilla Cream Ale - Sweet, Orange, Delight