Key Lime Krolsch

So, legally you can't brew a Kolsch unless you're within the city limits of Cologne, Germany or unless you can see the steeple of the Cologne dome from the front steps of your brewery.  Therefore, and since we brewed this beer with our good friend whose name is Kris, we've invented a new style of beer - the Krolsch.  Brewed with a Belgian Lime Candi Syrup, finished with Key Lime Zest.  A perfect light and crisp beer that’s sure to quench your thirst.

5.25% ABV


Apricot Tart

Tangy and sweet with an amazing fruity aroma due to the Eighty-Eight pounds of Apricot Puree added to the fermenter, this beer has the tart you’re seeking!  This beer is super light and refreshing, and it is bursting with flavor you can only get from brewing with real fruit.

5.6% ABV







Cherry Tart

We know what you're thinking...  "Do these guys just do light and fruity beers?!"  Definitely not, but the ones that we do are worth it, especially according to our wives...

The Cherry Tart is rich and tangy due to the Belgian candi syrup and the tart Michigan cherries added to the boil kettle.  This beer goes down a little too easily!  We use a Belgian yeast strain and ferment at the lower end of it's preferred temperature range to encourage the subtle fruit notes.  Sweet up front with a smooth tart finish.  

6.8% ABV


Salted Caramel Amber Ale

An absolute crowd favorite, we brewed this beer with a Caramel Candi Syrup and Hawaiian Black Sea Salt.  Sweet and rich caramel notes up front with a smooth and subtle salty finish perfect for cool weather!

5.8% ABV




Little Miami River Hopper

The River Hopper is a  double dry-hopped Amber Ale.  We threw quite a bit of Mosaic hops at this one.  The tropical notes from the hops balance out the caramel sweetness of the the grain.

5.25% ABV




Patch Kit Session IPA

We lowered the grain bill on this session IPA in order to let the Tropical and Citrus notes of the Mosaic and Citra hops shine through.  At 4.6 % this is one you can enjoy and enjoy and enjoy.





Dred Lokt Caribbean Stout

Brewed with Cane Sugar and Molasses, this beer has a sweet, dark rum finish.  

Although the Dred is loaded with flavor the lingering sweetness is smooth and satisfying.

This version weighs in at 7.2% - a little bit lighter than the last version.




Irish Cream Coffee Stout

Rich and smooth, this beer combines dark roasted coffee flavor with the creamy overtones of Irish Whiskey.  We soaked oak chips in Jameson, then pulled them out and hung them in the fermenter to give this beer its wood and vanilla notes.

6.2% ABV

Experimental Taps - Pilot and small batches

Irish Ale - Smooth, Vanilla, Cream, Whiskey

St. Peat Porter - Dark Roast, Coffee

St. Peat Vanilla Porter - Smooth, Vanilla, Coffee

Belgian X - Clove, Mineral, Winter