In a 60 year-old building with a brand new brewhouse in downtown Loveland we’ve been quietly, diligently, earnestly working to craft beer that makes us proud in a space that fosters authentic connection.  We’ve intentionally not made a big fuss about our endeavor – that’s just not our way.

But we do get a lot of questions over at Narrow Path.  Some we have answers for – Will you guys have a nice outdoor space in the summer?  Check.  When is the IPA coming?  Check.  What are you going to do about the lighting?  Working on it…

One big question is about our Grand Opening.  You see, we’ve been in what we call soft opening purgatory for a few months.  Opening for a few days a week has been all we can handle right now.  People find out that we’re open, then they stop in and really like it, then they bring their friends and neighbors, then they drink most of our beer.  All the work we’ve been doing to get open ends up getting short-circuited as we find ourselves right back where we started.  The work is exhausting, but the depth of community we’re experiencing is amazing.

We’ve decided that waiting until we’re ready for our Grand Opening is a fool’s errand because it’s just never going to happen.  So either we never do a Grand Opening or we do one regardless of whether or not we’re ready.  We’ve doubled and tripled our production to get the cooler and the tanks full.  We’re getting closer. 

So since we’re going to be at the brewery all day on Saint Patrick’s Day, we may as well do our Grand Opening then.  We’re not totally ready, but we’re so excited to meet you!  We may even get our sign (or part of it) on the front of the building – no promises though.  We’ll have a good amount of beer.  But don’t ask about the lights, okay? 

We’re also going to be rolling out a very important part of who we are on Friday.  We couldn’t be more excited to finally unveil what we believe makes us who we are!  So if you don’t already have plans to support your favorite brewery that day come out and check us out.  Ask for Chad or Greg – we really do want to meet you, to shake your hand, to see your face. 

Zoning Result

An exciting moment for Narrow Path!  Our application for a Conditional Use of a Brewery in the Historic District of Downtown Loveland has been unanimously approved!  It was a great night meeting and greeting and being surrounded by friends and family.  We can't wait to start physically moving things forward.  Up until this point it's been a lot of thinking, praying, putting pen to paper, ordering, waiting...  We're ready to start BREWING!  Of course we continue to plow through test batches - lots of tweaking and refining is going on behind the scenes.  We can't wait to unleash more than a combined 30 years of homebrewing experience to the public!  We'll talk a lot more in the future about our choice of brewhouse size and how we plan to use that to stay lean and creative.  But for now, dream dreams of finely crafted, well thought out, intentional, whole-hearted brewing.

We love Loveland!  We love being and brewing in our hometown.

We love Loveland!  We love being and brewing in our hometown.

So happy to answer questions and gain energy and enthusiasm for the brewery!

So happy to answer questions and gain energy and enthusiasm for the brewery!


Big meeting this coming Tuesday night!  Our public hearing in front of the Loveland Planning and Zoning Commission shall occur at the City Building at or around 7pm.  This meeting is to seek public input on the board's decision of whether to allow a Conditional Use for a Brewpub in the Downtown Historic District of the City of Loveland.

This will be an interesting meeting, I presume.  On one hand I hope it's mostly uneventful and that there are no objections to our request for Conditional Use.  On the other hand I hope it's not just eventful but momentous.  I know a lot of my friends in the community will be out to support us.

I also feel a sweet sense of history.  My grandmother (86) will be at the meeting.  She spent a vibrant piece of her childhood in a small house on Railroad Avenue.  She has great stories of the past lives of the buildings that still stand around both the river bed and the train tracks.  It gives me a deep joy thinking that my children may spend time running, jumping, playing in the same lane that their great-grandmother made footprints 75 years ago...